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Positive Change - Today

Improving mental and physical health through Positive Psychology

Why Positive Psychology?

All of us can get stuck at some point during our life journey. Maybe you want to start a completely new career, which you have been dreaming about and cannot overcome your limiting beliefs in order to initiate the first step. Maybe you are trying to solve an issue within a work environment or mend a personal relationship and it’s becoming too stressful. Maybe you’ve been making specific plans and resolutions, but just can’t seem to reach them. Believe me - you can learn how to create smart goals and how to obtain them by removing your psychological blocks. To move forward and overcome any of these hurdles - you need to make a change and I can help you do this.


In comparison to therapy and analysis, positive psychology coaching stays within the positive mind and uses your personal strengths and values to reach desired goals. Positive psychology does not ignore the problem, but rather it helps to understand it, accept it and come up with a solution-based approach by activating your own resources and using your full potential, which you might not even be aware of. Let’s work on this together!

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